About Us


Joy Street Studios is a vibrant non residential artists community located in the historic Brickbottom district of Somerville, MA. It is centrally located to Boston and Cambridge with access from the MBTA, as well as several major highways. Joy Street has been part of Somerville for several decades and the building has transitioned from a manufacturing facility to a modern day site for artists studios and light commercial business. The unique character of Joy Street carries over to its diverse uses. We currently house 62 art studios including Clothing Designers, Jewelry Makers, Oil and Latex Painters, Glass blowers and many more talented artists. Fifteen commercial spaces enhance the diversification of this historic building. Tenants have 24 hour access to studios in a secured building. A Management team is on site to aid with deliveries and operational matters.

Joy Street hosts two Open Studios Events per year. The first one is in the second weekend of May. This event is a city wide opening which enables people to come view the works of our artists. The second opening is the third weekend in November which allows our artists the time to interact with each other and the community. The management of Joy Street LP is proud to be a supporter of these events.

Our goal is to build a strong bond between our tenants and the surrounding communities of Somerville and Boston.

If you’re interested in joining our waiting list, please click here to get in touch today!